Mother's Day Gifts

Some great gift ideas for moms include:
  • bath oils
  • watches
  • books
  • jewellery
Mother's day is a special day when we celebrate our moms. Most mothers are quite excited about this day since they get to celebrate the years and the effort they put into raising their children. It’s a nice idea to celebrate this day with the right mother’s day gifts. Of course, that’s easier said that done since it can be quite difficult to find the right mother’s day gifts. Flowers every year can be a bit boring, so this year, try to do something special and buy great mother’s day gifts.

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Two great ideas that I love for mothers day gifts are gourmet chocolates and ladies wrist-watches. Now, don’t be put off with the idea that these gifts sound like luxury gifts and so will be more expensive. These are luxury gifts and gifts that mothers will love to receive. They show a lot of thought has been put into them. However – you can get these at any budget. You don’t have to spend a fortune on gifts to get something that’s very high quality.

My favorite chocolates are Godiva. So it’s only appropriate that I gift Godiva chocolates on mother’s day.

If your mother likes milk chocolates, then she will love Godiva milk chocolates.

You can purchase a set of 22 milk chocolates for about $35. These come in lovely packaging and look really impressive.

The box itself contains chocolates that are kosher. The chocolates include Cinnamon Blush, Coffee Feather, Open Oyster (click here to read all the flavours and the full manufacturer’s description)

Here’s what one reviewer had to say about this chocolate box:

“This product is great for birthdays and special occasions for those that are distanced apart. I recommend this due to the classy appearance and the consideration with cold…” click here to read the whole review and four other reviews by customers

If your mom likes dark chocolate rather than milk chocolates, then don’t buy her the milk chocolate set – get the Godiva dark chocolate set.

As you can see from the picture, the packaging for this box is really impressive, with a red ribbon and red rosette. The chocolates themselves include: Dark Caramel Embrace, Midnight Swirl, Dark Ganache Bliss… click here to read about all the flavours and the full manufacturer’s description.

Here’s what one reviewer had to say about this:

“I suppose I prefer this product over the truffles or the platinum box. It's an elegant assembly of…” click here to read the full review and 3 more reviews by customers.

If you aren’t really a fan of Godiva, here’s a list of the most popular chocolates for women:

If you would rather get your mom a classic timepiece, here are two watches that I absolutely adore. The first is more of a budget watch while the second is pure luxury (but without being over-priced).

Anne Klein (AK) watches are a great gift. They come with a lifetime warranty, look incredibly classy, and cost between $50-$60 only.

Some lovely AK watches include the following:

Click on the pictures to read the full description and specifications.

I personally love the AK two-tone watches. I recently bought one of my girlfriends this watch for her birthday. Here’s what one reviewer had to say about this AK watch which he purchased his wife for Christmas:

“At first I thought this watch looked a little plain from the online picture, but still a bit pretty. My wife and I set a limit on our Christmas presents to each other this year, so I went and bought this watch. When she opened it on Christmas morning, she (and I) thought it was very beautiful; simple yet elegant. I was very pleasantly surprised. The photo …” click here to read the full review.

If you are interested in getting your mother a more classic watch for this mother’s day, you might be interested in Citizen watches. These watches are very impressive – they have mineral glass cases, are water resistant and are renowned as being classic timepieces. Although I personally love the silver and two-tone watches, your mother might prefer the gold watches. Consider what kind of jewellery she normally wears – if she wears mostly gold jewellery, you might like to get her a golden colored watch. If she mixes it up, you’ll be safe going with a two-tone watch. Click on the photo below to read specifications about that particular watch.

Here’s what one reviewer had to say about the Citizen Women's Stainless Steel Bracelet Dress Watch:

I've owned this watch for well over 5 yrs (the length of the manufacturer's warranty...) and love it! I get so many compliments on it. People comment on how small it is and how versatile--wear it to the gym or a wedding and it fits right in…It is so small that it isn't something that necessarily catches your eye as often bulky watches can. The only problem with my …” read the full review here.

Maybe you don’t like either of the watches I’ve reviewed? For a list of the most popular watches this mother’s day, click here:

Read on for more ideas for mothers day presents.